MIS Management

  • We do tracking and tracing for all your shipments and update the delivery status in database

  • Query support for information on any mail either inbound or outbound.

  • TAT Reports and MIS Reports provided on daily basis.

  • We have developed exclusive software for operation as well MIS / TAT report. The entire courier operation is automated. The application is developed on SQL platform, state of the art and highly versatile. The application enables us to handle high volume of documents within shortest possible time.

  • We have computers, laser jet all in one printer, bar code scanner, Router to support Broad band connection for internet equipments to support high speed data flow.

  • We gives DASHBOARD report to customer which is containing product wise / vendor wise reports with Metro / Rural / Urban / Semi Urban categories.

  • DASHBOARD Report containing total pickups / Delivery report within TAT / Delivery beyond TAT / Open cases / Total RTO Cases.

  • We gives monthly performance reports also to customers it contains Date wise / Day wise within Day-1 / Day-2 / up to Day-7 as well as within TAT and even beyond TAT / Open Cases / RTOs with actual number of shipments & percentage wise.

  • Exclusive service everyone can get the login ID / Password which helps to Track Details by AWB Number / Reference Number / Account Number / Consignee Name / Dispatch Date / Consignee Telephone Number & Vendor.