Inbound Mail Management

In an accelerated corporate growth, its difficult to ignore the way inbound mails are managed. From time taken to deliver mails upto the rising number of lost/misused/misplace mails, inbound mail management is of grave concern to every organization.

Incompetence in inbound mail management can be disorganized which directly affects Corporate productivity adding substantially to irrecoverable Corporate costs. With mail also becoming another channel, threatening Corporate Security, you cannot but opt for the best of business practices to stay ahead

J D International inbound mail management is designed to offer total user delight by appropriately interspersing technology and process enhancements. We bring the mailroom at your fingertips through technology.

That means no more queuing for mailroom queries. Right from complete data capture of all inbound mails, till technology enabled proof of deliveries even for ordinary mails, we have taken care to offer our clients every facet of an efficient inbound mail management.

User delight has been our mantra – be it our touch screen kiosks, designed to offer mail position to employees in BPO’s or pre-processing mails which saves nearly 10% of productive time of middle management employees in banking and insurance sector.

Inbound mails can be important business documents or ordinary personal mails. Irrespective of the type of mail, inbound mail querying is one of the critical routine of employees in every organization.

On an average, employees in large organizations spend about 10 to 15 minutes of their time everyday in just tracking their inbound mails. That is not a small number when your main concern is Corporate productivity.

With your rapid growth strategies your key employees cannot keep wondering how much more time to wait for mail & mailroom information.